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Introducing Arf Van.
For humans owned by their dogs.

You trust Art Van for the very best in quality home furnishings along with selection and great value, and now your dog can too with Arf Van. Durable for daily use, Arf Van's fashionable dog beds blend with your décor, so you and your favorite furry family member spend even more quality time together.

Made from easy-to-clean materials, each Arf Van dog bed — small or large — will take spoiling your dog to a whole other level. Your dog gives you unconditional love and companionship; it’s only natural to want the best, and with Arf Van you can give it to them.

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Winter Tips for Dogs

Put on a sweater
Although dogs and cats are equipped with fur coats, they vary in thickness and ability to keep the animal warm. It usually takes a few months after the temperature drops for them to offer real protection. Some animals may never develop an adequate winter coat, though. If your dog or cat starts shivering when he's outside, either bring him in or bundle him up with a sweater.

Stow the chemicals
Cats and dogs like the sweet taste of antifreeze (ethylene glycol), so clean up spills promptly. Even a teaspoon is potentially lethal. To prevent accidental poisoning of animals, use animal-friendly antifreeze that contains propylene glycol.

Look for tread wear
Thoroughly wipe your pet's paws and belly with warm water when she comes in, just in case she's picked up road salt, antifreeze, or other chemicals that she might lick off. (Salt can cause gastric distress in animals.) Also look for cuts from encrusted snow or ice, and remove ice balls from between footpads. Avoid using salt-based melting products on your own property; switch to sand, cat litter, or an animal-safe de-icer.

Be cautious with senior pets
If your animal is older or has a heart or lung condition or arthritis, you might want to skip the long walks, Cold air in the lungs can be damaging. Dogs with arthritis will be more stiff and sore. And the older the dog or cat, the harder the cold is on him.

Winterize his diet
Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors in cold weather burn more calories to keep warm. Therefore they need to eat more. But don't forget to keep your pet healthy! Pick the Right Diet for Your Pet to avoid overeating. If you have a pet that enjoys being outside in the winter, make sure you increase the amount you feed him by 25 to 50%.

Pet-proof your fireplace
Although fireplaces and portable heaters may feel great to both you and your pet, they can be dangerous. Letting your pet get too close to flames or other heat sources can singe fur or even cause severe burns. To protect your pets, make sure that your fireplace is equipped with a screen and that your portable heaters are in rooms where your pets can't get to them.