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  • From Tyke to Teen

    Having a cool room is always in style – at any age. So are having options that work with your space, budget, and your child's personal taste. Our snappy selection of Kids & Teens bedroom sets give you the variety you want and the freedom of expression your child craves.
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  • Trend Forecast: Smart & Savvy Bedrooms

    In today's world, kids and teens lives move faster than a revolving door — and so do the things that keep them entertained. What they can't live without this week can be old news by next.
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  • The Main Attraction

    Art Van Furniture is proud to unveil its new and exciting collection of youth bedroom furniture. With many different types of furniture on the market, we wanted to tell you what makes ours so special by highlighting some of our vendors and collections.
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  • Safe and Sound

    We know you want your child to have a cool room, but we also know your child's safety is your number one concern. Art Van Furniture is committed to offering youth bedroom furniture that is safe, as well as stylish and functional. Learn more about how to keep your child's bedroom safe...