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Realistic look of wood, stone and ceramic while being very durable.

Luxury vinyl tile is a very popular flooring option because it has the look of real wood, stone or ceramic flooring while boasting the durability of vinyl. The natural appearance of this flooring is a result of state-of-the-art photographic reproduction processes. Real hardwoods and stones can be faithfully replicated by using advanced photographic technologies, with the final product consisting of vinyl backing, a vinyl color layer, the photographic film layer and a urethane or aluminum oxide top layer.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is commonly used in commercial applications wear high traffic volumes are present. Since this flooring performs well in commercial settings, it will easily work beautifully in residential installations. LVT floors are water resistant and more resilient than other hard surface floors. It is not unreasonably to expect this flooring to last for 20-25 years with proper maintenance. This flooring is also scratch, stain, dent, and scuff resistant.

Since luxury vinyl tile is naturally water resistant, cleaning these floors is as simple as damp mopping as needed. Note that this type of flooring should be installed over flat, dry substrates to prevent water seepage beneath the floor.

This flooring is a far less expensive option than using natural wood, stone or ceramic flooring, especially if you need flooring in a large room. This flooring has the look of natural materials but when you take into account the lower cost of vinyl and its low maintenance costs and lengthy durability, luxury vinyl tile represents a great flooring option.