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A great night sleep starts
with the perfect balance.

Staying in one spot longer
is the key to a great night sleep.


If you toss and turn in your sleep, you're probably losing sleep because you're mattress isn't providing the right pressure relief for your body type. The most common factor that causes people to lose sleep is subtle pain. Your mattress should conform to your body to reduce pressure points. If it doesn't, pressure will build up on the areas that come in contact the most with your mattress. PureSleep® specialists can help you find the most comfortable mattress for your individual needs.

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Support must be defined.


Unlike comfort, you can't choose support. The only way to determine the proper support level is through the use of advanced technology. Your body depends upon the sustained support of the mattress to keep your spine in neutral alignment while you sleep. A properly supporting mattress will keep your spine in a neutral alignment throughout the entire night and help you get a great night sleep. PureSleep® is here to support you.


It isn't your mattress that's sweating...


Temperature plays a key role in getting a great night sleep. It is important to maintain a cooler room temperature of between 65 and 73 degrees with low humidity. You can't just rely on a cool room to get the job done. Understanding the cooling features of the mattress and other sleep essential accessories is important.

If you want a great night sleep, you have to find a store and take the test.

You need to replace your mattress
more often than you think.

Most people keep their mattress well beyond its effective life. The warranty does not determine how long your mattress is right for you. It's all about the right fit for your body type. As your body needs change, so should your mattress.

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