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for another
great day.

A great night’s sleep is just as important
as food and water for your health & well-being.

Rest well to perform at your best.

Exercise, work and other lifestyle demands put
significant stress on your body. High levels of
hormones like HGH are released during sleep to repair
stressed muscles and tissues. Sleep also allows key nutrients
and oxygen to be delivered to your muscles and tissue.
Leptin and Ghrelin, additional hormones released at night,
help you maintain healthy weight by regulating appetite levels.
All of these things are vital to your well-being.

Your sleep environment can positively impact
your body's restorative performance.
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Sleep towards a better memory.

Memory Consolidation and Cognitive Performance
are impacted by the type of sleep you get at night.
Memory Consolidation is a process where your brain
"moves" short term memory to long–term storage for
recall. Cognitive Performance refers to everything from
clear and accurate problem solving to quick decisions
and reaction times, which can be impaired by loss of
sleep. Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
Losing as little as 1.5 hours of sleep per night can
reduce your alertness the next day by 33%.

A new mattress provides the support
and comfort you need for optimal performance.
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