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Set the tone for perfect sleep

Set the tone for
PERFECT sleep.

Change doesn't happen overnight

You’ve rewarded yourself with a new and well-deserved
sleep system from PureSleep®. So, why are you
still having trouble sleeping? Your pre-sleep habits,
and environmental factors in your room, may
be disrupting your sleep.

Your body can take up to 30 days
to adjust to your new mattress.

Get to know your mattress  

Your bedroom is the ultimate refuge. A great sleep environment is essential for restorative sleep. It is easily acheived, but often overlooked. Here are a few steps that will ensure you get the quality of sleep you are longing for:

  • TEMP

Sleep Surface

Technologies that are found in today’s mattresses work best when they are layered with other sleep essentials. Your pillow, sheets and protectors work together with your mattress to create a microclimate that provides optimal comfort and temperatures that are great for restorative sleep.

Keep your bedroom quiet.

Distracting sounds will disturb your sleep. If you encounter unrelenting noises - like old radiators or nearby trains - try masking them with sound machines, fans, humidifiers, etc. You could even tune an FM radio between stations for white noise.

Turn out the lights.

Too much light in the bedroom can contribute to sleeplessness or waking up throughout the night. Using dark or black-out curtains will help block light. You can also line doors with light-tight slips. Dim your clock or turn it away from you. Consider low-wattage bulbs if someone is a late-night reader in bed. If all else fails, try an eye mask.

Keep it cool.

The ideal sleep temperature is between 65 and 73 degrees with low humidity. Your body temperature needs to drop in order for you to get the deep, restorative sleep your body needs. Having temperature regulating materials in your mattress, sheets, pillows and protectors helps maintain the ideal temperature.

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