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Jump-start your
day with a GREAT
night sleep.

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PureSleep® is the Midwest’s #1 mattress store.
PureSleep® Specialists are here to help you find the perfect mattress for the best sleep you’ve ever had. We use the most
recent technology in sleep science to evaluate
your needs and match you with the perfect
mattress support. Visit a PureSleep® store today to
take the test.

Choosing the right mattress doesn’t
have to be a guessing game.

Our trained sleep experts have simplified the mattress buying process into
3 easy steps. In just 5 minutes, PureSleep® Science will analyze
your needs and create your very own personalized sleep system.


The truth is, you just
can't choose the right
mattress simply by
laying on it in a store.

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2. Pillow

Your pillow keeps your body
properly aligned, promoting
good circulation and
optimum oxygen levels.

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3. Mattress Protector

A waterproof mattress protector
will ensure a clean, healthy
sleeping environment
and safeguard your investment.

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You can only survive 10 days without sleep.

Sleep is just as important as food and water when
it comes to sustaining life. Food (30-60 Days), Water (7-10 Days)

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