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Of course our modern living approach is one that includes sleek and angled lines with large coffee tables, low-profile sectionals, lacquered wall units and graphic art. But at Scott Shuptrine, our designers enjoy juxtaposing the ultra cool with the inviting. It's about mixing vintage-inspired and reproduced modern pieces and textiles that are works of art in and of themselves. It becomes a style that is meant to live in, live on and above all, to use. It's a new modern palette that shows sensibility and sophistication.
Thinking in terms of open-space floor plans, this Scott Shuptrine style features casual seating areas separated by area floor coverings and oversized leather sofas flanked with shelving, sofa tables and ottomans. The use of bright and muted tones complements masculine and feminine accessories set against brick walls, wood floors, high ceilings and lots of natural light. The layout exposes a flow to the rooms delineated by their welcoming and unique contents. They define an elegant yet relaxed livable space inspired by an urban environment.
Traditional and Contemporary styles merge to create a classic, timeless design aesthetic considered by today’s interior designers as Transitional. These furnishings are simple yet sophisticated with either straight or rounded profiles. The diversity of the fabrics range from graphic patterns on overstuffed sofas to textured chenille on sleek wood frames. The Scott Shuptrine Transitional lines feature refined detailing with a respect for the classics and a culmination of objects of desire.
The New Traditional style is characterized by formal furniture with more comfort, sleeker forms, and personal touches with classic seating silhouettes in a larger scale, reproduction cabinets used as media centers, and the freedom to mix finishes and periods. Lines like Huntington House are a strong reflection of New Traditional style.
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