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Protect your dining table from heat*, scratches, nicks and spills with a table protector by Ohio Table Pad Company, exclusively at Art Van Furniture.


  1. PROTECT: Protect your table from heat*, scratches, nicks and spills! All table protectors are 1/2" thick with a vinyl top for easy cleanup and a rich velour bottom to protect your table.
  2. MULTI-PURPOSE: Made by Ohio Table Pad, these protectors are great for tables, buffet servers and more! Use on any surface that needs protecting
  1. EASY TO STORE: The protector is divided into sections so it can fold up easily and can be stored in one of our storage bags. Each section is held together by a magnetic locking system to ensure a seamless look and strong hold.

Shop our pre-made table protectors, designed to the
exact dimensions of our best selling dining tables.

Visit any Art Van Furniture store to design a custom
table pad to fit your table.


  • Custom Order - Choose from multiple top, bottom colors, plus size options
  • Buffet/Sever Protector - Fits up to 72" width
  • Vinyl Leaf Storage Bag - Store and protect table leaves
  • Table Pad Storage Bag - Store table protectors