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Sold Exclusively Online. Enjoy one of the 3 Chewbacca photos from the Chewbacca Collectoion by Brian Griffin. "Brian Griffin, legend photographer proclaimed "The Photographer of the Decade" by Guardian Newspaper and Life magazine called his images as "The Greatest Photographs of The 80s" including his invitation by George Lucas to photograph the first "Star Wars Return of the Jedi" characters (Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewbacca and others), at Lucus Studios, London. Griffin's images have been displayed in the National Portrait Gallery, London and others World-wide. Includes an embossed letter of authenticity.

Chewbacca 18x22 Framed Photo

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Chewbacca 28x32 Framed Photo

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Chewbacca 33x43 Framed Photo

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