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Art's Backyard & Jimmies Rustics

Jimmies Rustics

For over 65 years, Jimmies Rustics has been THE name in Michigan outdoor living. Jim Sica took over from his grandfather 30 years ago, traveling the globe to bring the best quality outdoor products to Michigan and keeping the family tradition alive in two locations.

In 2010, Jim was presented with a unique opportunity: "When I met Art Van Elslander, we immediately shared a common bond - two Michigan family businesses focused on bringing the best products to our customers at great value. I was thrilled at the opportunity to grow from my 2 locations to 36 locations, by joining the Art Van Furniture team."

The new Art's Backyard inside Art Van Furniture stores continues the Jimmies Rustics tradition, made even better with the world class buying power and services of Art Van. Today, Art's Backyard reflects the blending of two great companies, offering deep expertise, highest quality, Michigan's best selection and amazingly affordable prices.

Art Van knows how important patio and outdoor living is to Michigan - it's an extension of your home. Come see the new Art's Backyard, featuring exclusive Jimmies Rustics items and the best brand names in outdoor, including North Cape International, Treasure Garden, Broil King and many more.