Bedding, Pillows & Throws (3)

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Bedding, Pillows and Throws

Good sleep is a science as there are many parts involved to achieve quality sleep and a healthy lifestyle. A great mattress is obviously important, but features including your bedding, pillows and throws should not be overlooked. Sheets are available in a variety of fabrics, thread counts and colors, allowing you to consider aesthetics in addition to comfort when considering bedding essentials. After selecting your sheets and comforter, choosing the best pillow for your comfort level is also key for quality sleep. We have many options available for all your bedding needs and sleep experts on hand to help you achieve your ideal sleep environment.

Selecting Sheets

Comfort is key when it comes to sleep, and great sheets are an essential aspect of quality sleep. Whether you prefer soft cotton sheets to wrap your body as you sleep or sheets consisting of heat wicking TENCEL fabrics for a cool sleep environment, the perfect sheets set is an essential component to your sleep system. When considering new sheets, you should consider the thread count of the sheets. The thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch and the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Consider Supima cotton sheets or sheets with at least a 500 thread count if you want a nice, soft sheet. In addition to TENCEL, Dri-Tec fabric sheets are a good option for wicking away heat and enjoying a cool night of sleep.

Comforters, Quilts and Coverlets

Topping off your bed with a nice comforter or quilt set has a dual purpose. First, the comforter will provide warmth on cool night. Second, the comforter or quilt will add a pop of color and a cool design to your bedroom. Comforters are typically thicker than quilts and provide more warmth as they are filled with layers of natural materials including down feathers, wool or polyester. Quilts, by contrast, usually have three layers of fiber and a thinner profile. Both are natural additions to your bedroom set and we have many options available in store and online.

Mattress Protectors

Quality mattresses can have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years, and a mattress protector will help your mattress achieve its lifecycle. The mattress protector shields your mattress from water damage, stains, germs, dust mites and allergens; considerable benefits for a low cost. Many new mattress warranties will be voided if the mattress becomes stained, another reason why a waterproof mattress protector is a must-have. A quality mattress protector will not cause your bed to be warmer; in fact, there are mattress protectors available that consist of moisture-wicking fibers for a cooler night of sleep. These features can be found in the Dri-Tec line of mattress protectors that we have in store and online. Note that mattress pads or mattress toppers are also available for mattresses, with toppers being different from protectors. Mattress pads typically cover the top surface of the mattress are designed to provide additional comfort to your mattress top.


Pillows are an often overlooked product when considering sleep comfort, but studies show that 30 percent of your comfort comes from your pillow. Your pillow should provide you with proper spinal alignment and how you sleep will determine the type of pillow that you should have. If you sleep on your back, your pillow should support your head, the natural curve of your neck and your shoulders. If you sleep on your stomach, your pillow should be on the flatter side and if you sleep on your side, the pillow should keep your spine straight. Art Van Furniture and Art Van PureSleep Mattress Stores have a large variety of pillows that you can test to determine the best option for you to achieve quality sleep.

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