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Dining Tables

The right dining table can really pull your dining room together. Whether you want space for entertaining company or just a comfortable place for your family to gather around and eat dinner after a long day at school or work, finding a dining table that perfectly fits your needs - and everyone in your family! - can take a little research.

With Art Van’s selection of dining room tables and other dining room furniture, you’ll be able to find the perfect dining room table when mealtime comes around, no matter what you serve or how many people you need to feed. From streamlined modern designs to classic rustic looks, Art Van can help you get the dining room look you want and the table space you need, at a price you’ll love.

Buying Guide

Finding the right dining room table is a combination of knowing what your size needs are, knowing what style you want to go for, and how it will interact with everything else in your dining room. With the amount of dining rooms you can choose from, Art Van is sure to offer the perfect table for your home no matter what you’re looking for.

What Size Dining Room Table Do I Need?

One of the first questions you should ask when choosing a dining table is what size dining room table you’ll need. There’s two factors that will come into play here: what size space you have to work with, and how many people you intend to seat at said table.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Finding the right space measurements may take a little math, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Many table manufacturers and interior design experts recommend leaving at least 36 inches (or 3 feet) on each side of your table to allow for unencumbered seat access, although this number can change in areas where one side of the table has to sit flush against the wall to help it fit into an area. Other furniture such as dining room buffets should be given as much space as possible, ideally the same 3 feet you gave the table.

These measurements may have the biggest impact on the size dining room table you need. Smaller spaces will require dining tables with smaller widths, or tables that can fit more easily into smaller rooms - round dining room tables are ideal for this purpose as they tend to have a smaller overall footprint than longer rectangular tables. Width can be a factor as well, and in those cases a narrower square or rectangular dining table can help take up more length and less width so you can fit the right amount of chairs around each side of the table.

How Tall Should My Dining Table Be?

While not as commonly discussed as length or width, dining table height can be a factor in your choice as well. Height can vary from table to table, with most dining room tables sitting at about 30 inches high. Taller dining room tables, sometimes referred to as ‘counter-height tables’, sit at 34-36 inches tall and tend to pair better with taller chairs or bar stools for increased-height seating options.

Above and beyond the space needed, height can impact other dining room purchases as well. If you plan on buying your dining room table separate from your chairs, you’ll want to get the height measurements of the table as well as the height of your chairs to make sure there’s sufficient legroom for everyone: ideally, there should be 7 inches of vertical space between the chair and the table so everyone can sit comfortably.

How Many Seats Do You Need?

This will generally depend on the size of your family. If it’s just you and your partner, or you and a roommate, you may only need a table that can seat two or three people (in case you have company), while bigger families or anyone that likes entertaining company will need a larger solution.

In either case, a good rule of thumb is to allow 24 inches (or 2 feet) per place setting to allow enough space for drinks, silverware, and the like. Most modern dining tables will list their seating capacity among their measurements when you buy a new one, but this can play into the measurement needs from earlier - wider dining room tables can accommodate more seats, but will need a wider space to fit everything in. Even after getting the measurements for your room, you’ll want to make sure your dining table is the right width and length so everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy meals together.

What Style Dining Room Table Should I Get?

Dining room tables come in a lot of stylistic options, including different materials, styles, and shapes to fit whatever room or look you’re going for.

Dining Table Materials

The material and construction of your dining room table should be the first thing you look for. Take a look at the rest of your dining room, or even the rest of the house, and think about what kind of vibe and style you want to give off with your furniture choices.

Are you more into the rustic, wooden look? Wood is still a common, timeless choice for many different dining room tables both round or rectangular. Solid wood dining tables are typically made from sturdier woods such as oak or mahogany, and are typically treated to prevent damage and stains from things getting accidentally spilled on it.

If you want something a little more modern and sleek, Art Van has the dining table options you need. Many modern dining room tables are made from materials like glass, marble, or even a combination of concrete and other materials to create an up-to-date look that can fit in with nearly any home or surroundings. The sort of materials you choose are going to come down to personal preference, as they all have their own advantages and care requirements.

Dining Table Shapes

Almost equally important as the material is the shape of your dining room table, as this will influence where you can keep your table and how much space you’ll need.

Many dining room tables are still available in the traditional rectangular shape. These tables tend to be longer than other options due to their shape, but as a result can help you sit more people and provide more space for everyone to enjoy their meals.

For smaller spaces, or areas where you don’t need a full-sized dining table, round tables have been catching on in many homes. Round tables tend to be available in different heights, like counter-height, and can help you add additional table space in a room that already has a larger dining room table, or just help you conserve space in smaller rooms, homes, or apartments that don’t need a full-sized table option.

Expandable Dining Tables

For even greater space conservation, many dining room tables are available in folding styles as well. Leaf tables are a type of dining room table with folding edges on both sides (referred to as ‘leaves’) that allow you to expand or compact the table itself as needed to allow for extra seating space and table space.

If you need a dining table that you won’t have out all the time, folding dining tables exist that can be easily stored away when not in use. Foldable dining room tables are ideal for anyone that enjoys entertaining company, for example, or needs a quick outdoor table solution during their next big barbecue.

The shape you choose will come down to personal space needs and size preference, but with the amount of dining table shapes & sizes here at Art Van, you’ll find one that fits your needs.

Ready to Buy a New Dining Room Table?

Big or small, wide or skinny, no matter what you need in a dining room table, Art Van has the selection you need. Find an Art Van location near you, or shop online, and get ready to buy the perfect dining room table for your home and your family.