Reclining Furniture (2)

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Reclining Furniture

Upgrade a favorite living space to a reclining living room with more motion furniture options than you'd ever imagine. It's furniture that moves with you. Manual recliners, including reclining sofas and loveseats, engage with the pull of a lever. Power reclining furniture – sofas, reclining loveseats, and chairs – are motorized and get you comfy at the push of a button. Motion furniture puts your feet up, your head back and your cares elsewhere.

Buying Guide

Here, you'll find answers if you've ever searched online for where to purchase reclining furniture or even how (or where!) to place reclining furniture in your home. Read on to learn which reclining sofa or reclining chair can get you to next-level comfort.

Sofa, Loveseat or Chair? Which is best for you?

Sofa – Get IN To Your Comfort Zone – The reclining sofa is often the centerpiece of a living room. It's where we gather for movie nights or long afternoon naps. Three cushions can accommodate a small group, while recliner chair options exist on either one side of the reclining sofa or on both ends.

  • Manual Reclining – The footrest goes up with the flick of a lever.
  • Power Reclining – Footrest engages automatically at the touch of a button.

Loveseat – Recline And Unwind – The reclining loveseat is the smaller scale companion to the reclining sofa. Generally smaller in size, it's perfect for two. It typically complements a full reclining living room set or can stand alone in cozier spaces.

  • Power Manual – The footrest goes up with the flick of a lever.
  • Manual Power – Footrest engages automatically at the touch of a button.
  • Rocking – Chair rocks backward and forward.

Chair – Add An Iconic Chair To Your Living Room – The recliner chair has attained icon status thanks to its impeccable commitment to cozy comfort. Generations have watched family members sink right in to the reclining chair, put up the footrest and drift away.

  • Power – The footrest goes up with the flick of a lever.
  • Manual – Footrest engages automatically at the touch of a button.
  • Rocker – Chair rocks backward and forward.
  • Dual Power Reclining – Both the footrest and the headrest are adjustable at the touch of a button.
Choose Your Style of Recliner
  • Glider – Available in reclining chair or reclining loveseat, gliding recliners literally glide back to front.
  • Rocker – Many of our best reclining chairs have a rocker element to it. Just like your favorite rocking chair, go back and forth with rocking recliners.
  • Swivel – Motion furniture that rotates from left to right.
  • Wall Saver – A reclining chair that can be placed close to a wall to save space in your living room or den. When engaged, the reclining chair's track moves it forward, away from the wall.
  • Swivel Glider – Swivel gliders combine the best parts of both swivel chairs and glider chairs, where you can swivel from side to side, or easily glide to and fro.
  • Power Lift – Get up and out from your chair with grace and confidence. The push of a button lifts the chair up and forward so you can step right out.
  • Power Bed Lift – Get from your recliner to bed with ease. Push the button and be gracefully elevated from your seated position.
Choose Your Upholstery

Art Van's motion furniture – from reclining chairs to reclining loveseats and sofas – comes wonderfully draped in a number of different materials and textures. A top-grain leather recliner provides a rich, luxurious experience, while chenille, suede and microfiber recliners are inviting to the touch. Polyester, poly blends, twill velvet and polypropylene are other material & upholstery options for your motion furniture.