Living Sets & Packages (8)

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  • Winlsow 9 Piece Room Package By Ashley Furniture
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  • Abra 5 Piece Room Package By Ashley Furniture
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  • Abra 9 Piece Room Package By Ashley Furniture
    $1,229.00 $1,699.00 (28% off)
  • Abra 7 Piece Room Package By Ashley Furniture
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  • Winslow 7 Piece Room Package By Ashley Furniture
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Living Sets & Packages

There’s a lot of options for buying living room furniture, but what if you're looking for a complete look? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy your furniture all at the same time so you knew it all matched and it could all fit in your living room?

If you want to totally redo your living room with new furniture, Art Van has just the thing: living room sets! Living room furniture sets are the complete package, including tables, chairs, and even sofas and sectionals. Each piece is curated to match one another and provide an easy solution for living room furniture shopping.

Art Van has the perfect living room sets & furniture packages for living rooms of any size and any style. Never worry about having to track down the right coffee table to match that sectional sofa again - Art Van can curate a living room set that will meet the needs of any furniture shopper.

Buying Guide

Living rooms sets are a major purchase, and it's important to know the basics before you buy . We're here to help make the buying process easier for you by running you through the essentials.

What Comes in a Living Room Set?

Living room sets, true to their name, are intended to be a package of different living room furniture options to help outfit your whole living room while making sure everything matches. What’s included in these sets, however, can vary and depends mostly on what you’re looking for.

For example, many sets focus just on seating options. These sets, such as sectional living room sets and living room sofa sets, offer two pieces of matched furniture for a more convenient shopping option. Sets like this can include a loveseat and a sofa, a sofa and a reclining chair, or two whole sofas (including full-size sectional sofas) for even bigger rooms.

Maybe you’re looking for a more inclusive solution that brings in extra furniture like coffee tables or end tables, too. Complete living room sets can have as many as nine different pieces, all color-coordinated and selected to provide nearly anything you may need when it comes to living room furniture. These complete living room furniture sets can include coffee tables, end tables or side tables, couches, or even accessories like lamps and rugs to unite your room with a distinct style and color.

Once you know what you want in a living room set, and the furniture you need for your home, Art Van can help you find the perfect living room furniture package.

What Styles of Living Room Sets Can I Choose From?

We’ve all been there - a new sectional or recliner catches our eye, but we hesitate to commit to it because it doesn’t match the rest of the living room. One of the biggest perks of a living room set is how everything pre-selected to match with each other.

With living room furniture sets, you won’t have that problem anymore. Everything, including the furniture upholstery, is matched to the same color, such as grey or black, to make sure that nothing clashes with each other and all your furniture has a more cohesive look. This can come in handy when planning a redecoration project or if you’re just looking to freshen up a space with some more vibrant colors.

Size matters too. Be aware of how much furniture you need: smaller apartments or homes don’t need a full set of furniture meant for larger dwellings, and small living rooms are designed to work with smaller spaces (or any situation where you don’t need an entirely new living room setup).

Ready to Buy a Living Room Set?

By now you’ve probably already started picking out ideas for your next living room redecoration, and Art Van is the best place to buy living room furniture sets in the Midwest. Shop our online living room sets for sale or stop by one of our convenient locations to find a living room set in the color and style you were hoping for.