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TV Stands & Entertainment

With as big as HDTVs have gotten these days, having the right entertainment center or TV stand is a must for any home. From video games and cable boxes to books and decorations, having an entertainment center can make organizing your living room that much easier - and can make entertaining that much more fun.

Art Van has one of the widest selections of TV stands and entertainment centers anywhere, perfect for TVs (and living rooms) of any size. Find a new entertainment center for your home today and get your living room organized even better than before!

Buying Guide

While TV stands and entertainment centers are a necessity for nearly any living room, there can be a lot of factors that determine what you want in an entertainment center, if you need a TV stand or entertainment center, or even what size it should be. By doing a little research, you can figure out which is best for you so you can get back to what matters most - enjoying that huge new TV you need the room for!

TV Stand or Entertainment Center: Which Is Right for Me?

Figuring out what you need in an entertainment center or TV stand should start with figuring out which is right for you: TV stands or entertainment centers.

What Is a TV Stand?

TV stands, by design, focus more on supporting the TV with a more streamlined design. As opposed to the larger, more cabinet-like design of entertainment centers, TV stands function more like a lengthy table or credenza with storage space underneath for things like video game systems and Blu-ray players. TV stands typically sit on the floor but often offer wall-mounted support to hang your TV directly from the wall for a better viewing angle, with shelves underneath to help you organize cables and store anything you need for your TV watching.

In a lot of cases, TV stands work better for anyone that doesn’t have much they need to organize, or don’t have a lot of space for a full-sized entertainment center. If you’re looking to streamline your living room a little, or if you just want to focus on the TV itself without much else in the way, a TV stand might be the right fit for your living room.

What Are Entertainment Centers?

Entertainment centers, on the other hand, are much larger and more cabinet-like in their design and can help you organize things like DVD/Blu-ray collections, video games, even books with their extra space. Entertainment centers tend to be taller and closer to a cabinet or even a mantel, with a center area for the TV to sit surrounded by shelves and drawers.

This helps make entertainment centers a lot more flexible than other living room organization options. Typically an entertainment center will offer some shelf space beneath the TV for things like cable boxes and video game systems, and the sides will be flanked by drawers and cabinets not unlike a dresser or bookcase. These shelves and drawers are helpful for organizing things like remote controls, movies, video games, or anything else you want to keep stored safely away in your living room.

TV Stands vs. Entertainment Centers: What’s the Difference?

If you’re torn between a TV stand or an entertainment center, it boils down to what you need in your living room. Do you have a lot of decorations you want to show off, or books and movies you need to organize? How much available space do you have for the TV, and do you need to move anything out of the way to make space for it? Not all living rooms will have space for a full entertainment center, but then on the other hand you might need more storage than a TV stand can offer, so striking the balance is key.

Choosing the Right TV Stand

If you’ve decided that a TV stand is the best fit for your current living room and entertainment needs, you have a few options to pick from to find the perfect TV stand for you.

Most modern TV stands are designed for flat-screen TVs (or HDTVs), with a longer base and a narrower design similar to a coffee table. This is perfect to accommodate the wider TVs available on the market today, and are generally kept right against the far wall of your living room to provide the most vertical space.

If wall space is an issue, or if you’re trying to cut down on space usage by going with a smaller TV, then going with a corner TV stand might be the way to go. Corner TV stands are designed to be less lengthy and more wide, with a rounded or tapered back to help it sit right against the corner of a room. These corner TV stands are ideal for smaller rooms, smaller TVs, or any room where the design makes it easier to see the corner of the room instead of a far wall.

Whatever size or shape you choose in a TV stand, you have a number of materials and finishes to choose from, from traditional stained wood to brighter finish choices like black or white, even to more contemporary options like marble.

Choosing the Right Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, each designed to help provide you with the storage you need.

Most entertainment centers are made out of wood, such as oak, for a more timeless look a little closer to a bookcase or a chest of drawers. These entertainment centers are available in a variety of colors, from stark white to match your surroundings to stained wood or even brushed charcoal for a little more ‘rustic’ or farmhouse-type look to stand out against all the technology you’ll be keeping in it. More modern entertainment center designs offer mixed materials or a more ‘flat’ look to help match whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

Above and beyond the material and style, entertainment centers offer different shapes and ways to set up your TVs and get everything organized. Standard entertainment centers are freestanding cabinet-style units with an area in the center for the TV to sit on its base and storage options like drawers and shelves all around it. If you don’t mind devoting more wall space to a more permanent solution, floating entertainment centers mount right to your living room wall to provide shelves and a specific area in the center to mount the TV straight into the wall for an improved viewing angle while still maintaining the shelves around it. Larger, wall-unit entertainment centers offer a similar effect by taking up much of a wall with shelves, tops, and drawers to offer the maximum in storage - while these won’t be a good fit for every living room, these can help you maximize your organization and even allow a little room for decoration up top.

Whatever your choice in entertainment centers, from standalone cabinets to full wall units, there’s enough variety in entertainment centers to help you find the best one for your home.

Ready to Buy a TV Stand or Entertainment Center?

From corner TV stands to the biggest wall unit entertainment centers, Art Van sells the selection of TV stands and entertainment centers you need to get your living room organized and get more out of your home entertainment setup. When you’re ready to buy a new TV stand or new entertainment center, find the Art Van location nearest you or shop our online selection to help give your TV the new home it deserves!