How to Buy a Sectional Sofa You'll Love

Buying a sectional sofa for your home is no small decision. It's a signature piece of furniture that's the focal point of any room. And its functionality is nearly limitless. We can expertly help you navigate the landscape of size, type and features when it comes to choosing the best sectional sofa for you.

At Art Van Furniture Stores, we remove the guesswork when it comes to choosing a sectional, and instead, leave you with solutions.

Types of Sectionals

There are two main types of sectionals – modular and stationary. Modular sectionals can be customized by you to suit your needs and space. Both sectionals typically include a sofa and chair feature to seat anywhere from one person to a group of seven.

The best sectional sofa is the central spot of your favorite living space. With options to customize, you can lounge on one end, while family and friends choose from a recliner or sofa with stuffed cushions. Perfect for friends and family, you can loaf and unwind any way you wish.

Living room with off-white couch, leather circle ottoman, and side table with lamp atop a grey area rug

Modular vs. Stationary: Which is Better?

Modular sectional diagram


For you, the best modular sectional might be one you can customize to include chaise lounges, recliners and ottomans, for a complete unit. A modular sectional gives you flexibility to pick and choose parts to the sofa exactly how you like it.

Stationary sectional diagram


Stationary sectionals are in one piece and remain that way. They create a consistent, long-lasting look. You can always get the configuration that works for you, in any size, with your choice of fabrics, colors and features.

Sleeper sectional diagram


A sleeper sectional features a pull-out bed and may offer storage, perfect for overnight guests. You have a number of options when it comes to choosing a mattress for the sleeper sectional.

Reclining Sectionals

A sectional sofa can feature a reclining chair on either end. Recliners come in two styles – power and manual.

Power cord icon


Engage the footrest and/or headrest at the push of a button. It does all of the work for you.

Hand icon


Typically requires user to engage the footrest or headrest by operating a lever.

How To Choose The Best Sectional Sofa

To maximize usability of a sectional sofa system, it helps to establish guidelines with respect to size and space. How many people do you want it to seat? How big is the space where the sectional is going? Which type of configuration would you like? You have options to customize size and we can guide you through those.

What Makes Up A Sectional Sofa?

Honestly? Anything you want. You can customize your sectional sofa to hold as few, or as many, people as you want. From parties of one to seven. Sectionals usually are made up of the following components:

White sectional diagram with sofa highlighted in blue


This is the sofa portion of the sectional and can comfortably seat three adults.

White sectional diagram with loveseat highlighted in blue


Also a sofa, but smaller; typically seats two.

White sectional diagram with chaise highlighted in blue


A chair, but with a longer seat so you can put up your legs and feet.

White sectional diagram with the corner piece highlighted in blue


Sometimes called a Corner Wedge, it's a piece of the sectional with two backs to it, creating a 90-degree angle.

White sectional diagram with the armless piece highlighted in blue


As it implies, it is a chair piece with no arms, that sits between and bridges two other piece of the sectional sofa.

White sectional diagram with the recliner highlighted in blue


A motion furniture option with a reclining chair for ultimate comfort.

White sectional diagram with storage console pieces at either end highlighted in blue


You can have a storage console on the armrest.

White sectional diagram with sofa bed highlighted in blue

Sofa Bed

A sectional couch with a pull-out bed.

Sectional Sofa Construction

Our sofa sectionals are built to last and that comes courtesy of expert-level craftsmanship. It is in the benefits you can’t see just by looking at it. From the interior frame to what's inside of the cushions, our sofa sectionals are as durable as they are great-looking.

Coil mattress icon

Coil Construction

Coil refers to sinuous spring construction, where sturdy steel wires form a vertical S-shape.

3 feathers icon


Cushions stuffed with down feathers.

Checkered material icon

Down Alternative

A mix of synthetic materials like rayon or polyester to mimic down. Handy for those with allergies.

Foam mattress icon


Comes in different densities: high and low. It supports and conforms to your body shape.

Gel foam mattress icon

Gel Foam

Like memory foam, but infused with gel to promote cooler sleep and pressure relief.

Cushion Fabric and Upholstery

Your best sectional sofa can be customized with upholstery of your choice. Go with the easy, breezy look of linen, or durable and stately leather. You have as many style and material options as there are standard pieces. Be bold and mix-match colors.

  • Bamboo Rayon
  • Chenille
  • Coir
  • Cotton
  • Cotton Blend
  • Faux Leather
  • Flannel
  • Genuine Leather
  • Linen
  • Linen Blend
  • Microfiber
  • Olefin
  • Jersey Knit
  • Polyester
  • Polyester Blend
  • Polypropylene
  • Sateen
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Sling
  • Suede
  • Sunbrella
  • Tencel
  • Velvet
  • Wool
Tan reclining sofa with rectangular wood coffee table atop a white area rug

Added Features

While you customize the size, shape and fabric of your sectional sofa, you can also top it off with great features. Charge your phone, safely hold your beverage, or get a massage. Features include:

  • • USB Ports
  • • AC adaptor
  • • Massage
  • • Cupholder
  • • Console/Storage
Brown reclining sectional with circular wood coffee and end tables and a light colored area rug

Pull It All Together

Once you've navigated the landscape to become a sectional sofa expert, you have terrific options when it comes to accents that complete your look. Your new sectional is only as fabulous as what you put around it to make it stand out. Consider:

  • • Rugs
  • • Lamps
  • • Ottomans
  • • End Tables
  • • Framed Art

Do you feel like a sectional expert? Then it’s the perfect time to shop our amazing selection of sectional sofas for sale now at Art Van.

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