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Outlet Recliners

One of the more popular spots to relax while at home for many people is the room that has their favorite recliner. This is the spot to watch television, recline with a good book or take a quick nap. The Outlet at Art Van has a large variety of recliners available in a style that is perfect for you.

Types of Recliners

There are a few factors to consider when you choose a bed. First, figure out which type of bed you need: are you looking for a traditional Twin, Queen or King size bed, or something specific to your space, like a Brown recliners? Next, select a frame that fits your room's aesthetic. Art Van has plenty of styles to choose from, and within those styles you can pick the materials and designs you'll love seeing when you wake up in the morning.

  • Rocker recliners function as implied by the name; you can recline in the chair and it operates as a rocking chair. You can rock back and forth in place while sitting with the option to recline with the footrest extended for additional comfort.
  • Swivel glider recliners have both features found on rocker recliners but adds a swiveling motion for added comfort. Swivel recliners sit on a circular base that allows them to swivel or pivot left and right, like how an office chair swivels on its stand.
Choose Your Style

Outlet recliners tend to have a casual style, but the beauty of these pieces is that their look translates nicely to many room design styles.

  • Casual style – These laidback furnishings will invite you to get comfortable. Casual Style features oversized seating with family-friendly fabrics and simple details that complement your active lifestyle.
  • Mid-Century style – Sophisticated and dapper, Mid-Century Style brings a retro vibe to your home, combining form with function.
  • Modern style – The clean designs and simple silhouettes of the Modern Style has a “less is more” attitude that allows every item in the room to shine.
  • Traditional style – The classic designs of Traditional Style furniture features soft curves and attention to detail with accents including button tufting and nailhead trim.
Placement Tips

When considering adding a recliner as a seating option in your room, remember that many styles require more space to operate than normal chairs. The recliner needs to sit farther away from the wall than a normal chair to accommodate leaning back and you will need to clear space to allow the footrest to raise to full height. If you live in a smaller space such as an apartment or condominium, a wall recliner is a better option as it will not move back as far as standard recliners. This allows you to place the chair closer to the wall.

Choose Your Upholstery

The predominantly casual style of Outlet recliners results in upholstery that is durable and family friendly. These recliners are upholstered in soft polyester blends, polyester, faux leather and fabrics including chenille. As you consider a new recliner for your home, visit an Art Van Outlet near you to see the many recliners available and test them out.