Joshua is our Gallery Manager for Scott Shuptrine Interior's in Toledo, and has an incredible passion for creating beautiful spaces! He attended Burlington College and the Vermont Woodworking School for his BFA Program and has been serving his hometown of Toledo with Design Services since returning in 2015.

About Joshua

How do you get inspired?
I find inspiration in many ways! Sometimes it can be from one nostalgic item the client wants to design around, and other times inspiration comes from designing the space around one new beautifully designed, perfectly detailed new item, that we can tie the rest of our decisions to.
Why do you recommend design services for clients?
Being a designer in a retail environment is very different. I recommend design services because it takes the pressure off the client. When you go shopping for furniture and accessories there are all sorts of questions and things that might make you hesitate on making a decision. Whether it's determining matching new items or working with inherited treasures, working with a designer can take away the stress of completing a space. Design services are just that, services; not sales. Through these services you know that we aren't trying to just sell product, the goal is truly to ensure you'll be confident in every decision you make along the way.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I'd have to say I'd love to visit Italy! When I think about all the places I could go there is so much about Italy that inspires me. I've always loved the food, and I'd like experience real Italian cuisine one day. But just to see the beauty the country has to offer in so many ways, from the bigger cities with incredible architecture and art, to the smaller towns with coastal views. I could go for months and still not have enough time to take it all in.
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