Julianne is excited to be back home in Michigan after living in Chicago. She received her Interior Design degree from Michigan State, and spent time with a large design firm doing model homes all over the country. She has an appreciation for craftsmanship and artisan details, and specializes in residential design.

About Julianne

How do you get inspired?
Witnessing the essence and truth of a thing or a being or a place is always inspiring ... The Vietnam War Memorial in D.C., the Lion King on Broadway, anything in nature, especially birds and the many moods of our Great Lakes.
How should clients approach redesigning a room?
The gift of redesign is that you intimately know the space which leads to a clearer vision than when you initially moved in. There are not any hard and fast design rules. The things around you should reflect you at your most authentic and honest self with a dash of magic thrown in.
What are you most proud of?
Personally, it's becoming a mom. I have never been more at peace than as a mother. People talk about callings and I felt called to be a mom, honestly I tell people my kids raised me. I expanded beyond who or what I knew I could be. Artistically, I journeyed away from the lessons taught at school and into a more organic understanding of space. Rather than match color, I prefer to play with texture and light.
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