The PureSleep Guide to Mattress Sizes & Bed Dimensions

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When shopping for a new mattress, one of the most important factors to consider is its size. Sure, everyone loves a huge bed, but bigger isn’t always better. The best bed size is one that allows you to sprawl out, but also fits the area well, provides ample legroom, and is spacious enough for each sleeper to rest in comfort.

From crib-size to king-size, there is a perfect mattress option for every room and sleeping situation. In the following bed dimensions guide, we will provide the expert tips you need to pick the ideal mattress size, every time.

Standard Bed Sizes & Dimensions

Bed dimensions
Mattress Size
Bed Dimensions (inches)
This mattress size is best for:
A child’s first bed, from newborn to around age five.
Children and teens who are average height and sleep alone.
Twin XL
Children and teens who are taller than average, and adult solo sleepers who don’t need much sleep space.
Solo sleepers of average height, or couples who do not require much sleep space.
Full XL
Solo sleepers who are taller than average, or taller couples who do not require much sleep space.
Couples who need an average amount of sleep space, or single sleepers who require maximum sleeping area.
Couples who require maximum sleep space or couples with a child/pet that frequently crawls into their bed.
California King
Couples who are taller than average and need more legroom, or who have a child/pet that frequently crawls into their bed.

What are the Dimensions of a Crib Mattress?

Crib mattresses have a standard size of 28 inches by 52 inches. These mattresses are designed to fit any crib or toddler bed.

Made for newborns, infants, and toddlers, crib mattresses have specific manufacturing guidelines that must be met. For example, they cannot exceed six inches in height, which prevents babies from crawling out of their cribs as they grow. Their measurements are slightly shorter than the dimensions of a standard crib to ensure that there are no large gaps between the mattress and crib wall.

Crib mattresses can grow with a child up until age five or six. Since cribs and toddler beds accept the same size, a new mattress purchase is not required when the child outgrows their crib and transitions into their first bed.

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What are the Dimensions of a Twin-Size Bed?

Typically, Twin-size beds are 38 inches by 75 inches. A Twin bed is the smallest adult-size mattress available.

Although Twin beds are also referred to as a single, sleeping space can seem tight for an adult sleeper. At only 75 inches long, adults over six-foot may not be able to lay with their legs extended without their feet hanging over the foot of the bed.

The two major benefits of buying a Twin mattress are space and budget. As one of the smallest available sizes, Twin beds can work in small bedrooms, guest rooms, children and teen rooms, and other rooms where space is limited. Furthermore, they are the most economical bed choice and a great option for those with a limited budget.

As a standard and popular size, bedding and accessory options are easy to find. Twin-size sheet sets, mattress protectors, and bed frames are widely available in many different styles and generally cost less than larger-sized selections.

What are the Dimensions of a Twin-XL-Size Bed?

Twin XL beds are 38 inches by 80 inches. These mattresses are the same width as a standard Twin-size bed but provide five additional inches of length to make them more comfortable for taller sleepers.

Twin XL beds are becoming more popular among single adult sleepers. They provide less sleeping room than a larger-sized mattress (like a full or queen) but are long enough for solo adults to sleep snugly with enough legroom. In comparison, Twin XL beds are the same length as a King mattress, but half of the width.

Many parents find that Twin XL beds work well for children and teenagers. They are small enough to fit in the room without taking much space and have enough length to easily support a child as they continue to grow throughout their teenage years.

It is important to note that Twin and Twin XL accessories are not interchangeable. Twin XL beds are significantly longer and will not properly fit on a Twin-sized bed frame (or vice versa).

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What are the Dimensions of a Full-Size Bed?

Full-size beds measure at 54 inches by 75 inches. This mattress size is the same length as a basic Twin-size bed but offers an additional 16 inches of sleeping space.

Like Twin beds, tall teens and adults may find a Full-size mattress to be too short to fully stretch out. However, they are wide enough for solo sleepers to shift their position and lie diagonally to easily support all their limbs.

Also referred to as a double, this size was once the most popular bed selection for couples. As other options became more readily available, many couples swapped their Full-size mattresses for larger beds. For those sleeping with a partner, Full-size beds offer 27 inches of space per person – which is less space than a common crib mattress.

What are the Dimensions of a Full XL-Size Bed?

Full XL beds have a common measurement of 54 inches by 80 inches. This mattress size is the same width as a standard Full-size bed but is five inches longer.

Full XL beds are the same length as Queen beds, making them a great choice for taller sleepers, whether sleeping alone or with a partner. With 54 inches of width, Full XL beds work great in smaller areas that cannot support a Queen or King-size bed. However, Full XL beds are often priced the same as Queen-size beds and aren’t as budget-friendly as Twin sizes.

Full XL beds offer enormous benefits, especially to taller sleepers, but they are less popular than other mattress sizes. As a result, there are fewer available choices for bedding, and accessories are often pricier than their Full-size equivalents.

What are the Dimensions of a Queen-Size Bed?

The standard dimensions of a Queen-size bed are 60 inches by 80 inches. Queen beds are currently the most popular of all the common mattress sizes, making up over 50% of mattress sales.

Queen-size beds are a great option for single and coupled sleepers who require more sleeping room but do not have enough square footage for a King bed. Six inches wider than a full, Queen beds offer enough room for couples to sleep comfortably, whether they prefer sleeping close together or with a few inches of space between them.

While ideal for single or dual sleepers, this mattress size may feel crowded for a couple with a child or pet that crawls into their bed frequently. Spacious but sized for the average bedroom, Queen beds are usually viewed as the most valuable option in terms of comfort and price.

Queen-size bedding is widely available and offered in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns.

What are the Dimensions of a King-Size Bed?

The standard dimensions for King-size beds are 76 inches by 80 inches. King-size mattresses are the same length as Queen-size but are 16 inches wider.

King beds are the most spacious option of all standard-sized mattresses. Due to their size, however, they can be too wide for some bedrooms. With 6,080 square inches of sleeping space, they are comfortable for couples and spacious enough that if one person gets up throughout the night, it won’t disrupt the other’s sleep. A couple and a small child can lie cozily on a King mattress without bumping into each other throughout the night.

King-size mattresses are equal in size to two Twin XL mattresses. Some couples choose Split King beds, which allow them to sleep together in one bed, but on two separate mattresses.

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What are the Dimensions of a Cali-King-Size Bed?

California King (or Cali King) beds have a length of 72 inches and a width of 84 inches. They are four inches narrower than a standard King bed but offer four additional inches of legroom.

Since these beds maximize length, they are especially great for taller couples or those who have pets that sleep at the foot of the bed. A few inches thinner than a standard King, they work well for partners who snuggle close together at night or those who typically sleep in one position without shifting around too much.

Although California King mattresses are rapidly growing in popularity, they are still much less common than the standard King. There are fewer choices for Cali-King bedding when compared to a standard King, and accessories are usually a bit pricier.

Non-Standard Bed Sizes & Dimensions

In addition to the many standard bed sizes available, there are also a few non-standard sizes that are offered by a limited number of manufacturers.

The Wyoming King bed, for instance, is much larger than a standard king bed, measuring at 84 inches by 84 inches. In comparison, this bed offers the same length as a Cali King bed but is a whole foot wider. These beds are large enough to easily fit three sleepers, giving each person an ample amount of space.

The Alaskan King bed is the largest mattress on the market, measuring in at 108 inches by 108 inches – or 9 feet by 9 feet. This mattress can sleep a family of four adults, or a family with several small children.

Although the amount of space these mattresses offer is desirable, they are both too large for most bedrooms. They can be extremely difficult to move since their dimensions exceed the height of a standard doorway. Also, since these sizes are uncommon, there are very few bedding options available. Only a few brands offer accessories at these dimensions, and they can be quite expensive to purchase.

Choosing a Bed Size That Works for You

The largest bed size isn’t always the best choice. Several elements must be considered before deciding on mattress size such as the size of the room where it will be placed, the number of individuals that it will support, and the difficulty of moving it into your home.

Need more help selecting the best bed size and finding the right mattress? Schedule a sleep consultation or visit any PureSleep store to take our Rest Assured Test and let our Sleep Specialists help you choose a mattress that will deliver the perfect sleep experience, every night.