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We've all been told just how important a good night's sleep is for your health and well-being - but all the chamomile tea and meditation in the world won't help if you don't have the right mattress at night.

At PureSleep Mattress by Art Van, we believe that finding the perfect mattress is key to getting the rest you deserve. With a selection of different mattress types, materials, brands, and sizes to pick from, PureSleep Mattress by Art Van can help you find your new mattress and sleep more peacefully. than you have in a very long time.

What Mattress Brand Is Right for Me?

We know picking the right mattress can involve a lot of questions, including size, shape, if you need a mattress topper, and so on. One of the best places to start is by understanding which mattress brand offers the features and styles you're looking for, what the differences between mattress brands are, and where you can buy them. By comparing these brands and their various offerings, you can get a better idea of which mattress brand is best for you and your sleeping style.

Tempurpedic Mattress

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are among some of the more technologically-advanced mattresses on the market today. With a design based upon a NASA invention for cushioned aircraft seats, Tempur-Pedic offers adjustable mattresses for any style sleeper. Better yet, PureSleep Mattress by Art Van has an exclusive relationship with Tempur-Pedic, so if you're wondering where to buy Tempur-Pedic mattresses (or try one out in store), PureSleep Mattress by Art Van is the Midwest's #1 Tempur-Pedic retailer.

Beautyrest Mattress

Beautyrest by Simmons is one of the most recognizable mattress brands in the world today, and PureSleep Mattress by Art Van can help you get the right Beautyrest mattress. With a wide range of offerings including adjustable mattresses, foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses, Beautyrest can help the pickiest sleeper find the mattress that works for them.

Serta Mattress

With a history in mattresses dating back to 1931, Serta doesn't use the term "Perfect Sleeper" lightly. More than just the company with the sheep in the commercials, Serta offers one of the most comprehensive collections of mattresses around, with varying support levels and material types to help you find the best Serta mattress for your sleeping style. Visit a PureSleep Mattress by Art Van location near you to try out a Serta mattress first hand and see why it's the best place to discover the Serta experience.

Sealy Mattress

Whether from one of their sub-brands such as Posturepedic or Cocoon, or one of their innovative hybrid or foam mattresses, Sealy offers one of the widest ranges of mattresses around. Any size, any type, any sleeping style, Sealy offers over 200 years of experience in the world of mattresses, and PureSleep Mattress by Art Van is your destination for buying a Sealy. The amount of different mattresses Sealy has available can make it tough to decide which Serta mattress is best for you, so stop by a PureSleep Mattress by Art Van location near you and try one out yourself.

Stearns and Foster Mattress

With a unique combination design from twin to king, Stearns and Foster has been a leading name in mattresses for sleepers all over America. From their classic hybrid and innerspring designs to the unique comfort of their adjustable power bases, the best selection of Stearns and Foster luxury mattresses can be found at PureSleep Mattress by Art Van for better sleep you deserve.

Sleep to Live Mattress

With a name like Sleep to Live, you know they take their mattresses seriously. Developed by Kingsdown and built specifically to work with our revolutionary Rest Assured Test that helps you discover your specific sleeping needs, Sleep to Live mattresses offer total posture alignment and customized comfort. Enjoy a number of options for firmness, mattress topping material, and much more, all at a price you'll love.

Detroit Mattress Co.

The perfect mattress for a city of hustlers and hard workers, Detroit Mattress Co. is designed to provide an exceptional sleep experience for sleepers both in the Motor City and everywhere else. A unique hybrid design with exclusive climate control technology brings the innovation and creativity of Detroit to your nightly rest. Each mattress is built right here in Michigan to help you feel more connected to the city we all love.

Classic Brands Mattress

If timeless, comfortable design is what you need in a mattress, Classic Brands is the name you need to know. Offering modern designs such as the unique Classic Brands cooling gel mattress, or industry staples like foam and innerspring variants, Classic Brands has enough options to help even the heaviest sleeper get comfortable - and PureSleep Mattress by Art Van is the best place to find yours.

King Koil Mattress

Sophisticated comfort and refined design come together in King Koil, a mattress brand with history and experience to spare. Offering hybrid designs that combine the best of both mattress worlds, King Koil calls themselves "the mattress king of America" and offers a contemporary mattress to back it up. If you've been looking for the perfect King Koil mattress for your bedroom, you're in the right place.

Buying a Mattress

Ready to buy that new mattress you've been eyeing? Curious to know more about the different types of mattress above and beyond the different brands? Want to know just what the difference between 'innerspring' and 'hybrid' is anyway? Check out our mattress buyers guide and get ready to sleep better than ever.

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