Whether you are moving to a new home or looking to update the home décor in your current home, there are a few interior home design trends that you should consider. Each year brings new and creative styles to the real estate market. To help keep your home looking its’ best, here are the top design trends that every homeowner should consider.

1) Using Paint to Express Personality

In past years, many homes have used neutral and plain colors to paint their walls. This is no longer the trend. Many homeowners, especially those who have been working from home, are starting to use paint to express their personalities. Many homes are starting to use bright wall paint, accent walls, and patterned walls to show off their personality and their style. No colors are off limits, and homeowners should embrace unique colors to showcase their home and make it more unique.

2) Creating Office Spaces

As more and more people get the opportunity to work from home, an office space is becoming a crucial part of every home. Having a home office space is starting to trend. Whether the office is an entire room or a simple and organized spot in the kitchen with well placed wood wall art, it’s starting to become essential for every home. If you are creating an office space in your home, try to make sure that it’s organized and established as an office area.

Many of us may not be able to designate an entire room to an office. Therefore, try to make a corner of the home an office. Use simple pictures, storage bins, and natural lights to help define the space and make it a unique place to work.

3) High-Quality Materials

One of the most trending interior design characteristics that every homeowner should consider incorporating in their home is the quality of materials that they use. Many homeowners are willing to spend more money on quality craftsmanship and quality materials. Therefore, instead of adding many updates to your home, you may want to use your budget to add only one new thing to the home that is high quality. Homeowners are starting to value quality over quantity.

4) Outdoor Living Space

The trend of having an indoor-outdoor living space has been popular for many years, but it is reaching new highs lately. As people are forced to stay home more, they are using their outdoor space as a safer and healthier alternative for entertaining. If you have a yard or patio, you should consider upgrading it to be the ultimate place for entertaining. Try adding a grill or a small kitchen area to the outdoor area to make it an ideal place for guests to gather.

5) Windows

Another trending home décor and home design feature that is increasing in popularity is the use and abundance of windows. If you are looking to make a change to your home, you may want to consider adding more windows. Windows allow for natural light to enter the house and for amazing views. A simple skylight or a large wall of windows can completely transform the overall look and feel of any home.

People have spent more time in their homes during the last year than they have in a very long time. This has resulted in people really taking the time to invest in their homes and make them more unique to themselves. These changing home décor and style trends are changing the real estate market and how people are styling their homes.