Your Bedroom Should be a Pure Oasis in the Heart of Your Home

Your bedroom should be the most relaxing space in your home, so why are you tossing and turning on your mattress all night? Why do you wake up tired every morning and fall asleep exhausted each night? If you are not getting the health restoring good sleep you need, the space you sleep in could be to blame.

If you want to enjoy a night of healthy sleep, you need to create the right environment. Turning your bedroom into an oasis of calm and tranquility in a chaotic world is not as hard as you might think, and here are some simple ways to make it happen.

1. Soft Lighting and Décor
Lighting is important for every room in your home, but nowhere is it more critical than in the bedroom. Outfitting the room with soft lighting that can be adjusted according to your mood and time of day is a great place to start, and this simple solution is affordable for virtually anyone.

You can go high tech by pairing smart plugs with wireless assistants, or simply install a dimmer switch to turn down the light when you ramp up the romance. No matter which solution you choose, your space will be more beautiful, more welcoming and more relaxing than ever before.

2, Smart Organization
Nothing will wreck your relaxation quite as fast as not being able to find the clothes, bedding or other essentials you need. If your bedroom is not well organized, you may find yourself searching in vain for items you know you have, and that is anything but relaxing.

There are plenty of ways to build organization and smart storage solutions into your bedroom oasis and you can choose the approach that works best for your space and its décor. Bed frames with built-in storage drawers are always a good solution, as are under bed storage bins to hold out of season clothes and other infrequently needed items.

3. Quality Bedding and Good Mattress
If there is one place to splurge, it is in the quality of your bedding. You might not think that high thread count sheets will make a difference, but once you have slept on them a few times you will find that you were wrong.

If you want a restful night’s sleep you need a good mattress. If you cannot remember the last time you bought a mattress, a replacement is probably long overdue. This simple upgrade could help you sleep more soundly, so you can relax and unwind after a hard day of work, home and life.

4. Blackout Shades and Calming Artwork
When the light is shining, it tricks your body into waking up, even when it is late at night and all you want to do is sleep. If you want to create a relaxing oasis in your bedroom, installing a set of blackout shades or curtains is certainly a good start.

Blackout shades have an extra benefit as well, one that could save you money as well as helping your relax. The insulating qualities of a good set of blackout shades or curtains could reduce your energy costs and heating bills during the cold winter months, giving you another reason to sleep soundly at night.

5. A Distraction Free Zone
No matter how well you design your bedroom and sleeping area, a dinging cell phone or blaring TV will quickly erase your hard won relaxation. If you want your bedroom to be a relaxing oasis in the heart of chaos, making the space a distraction-free zone is absolutely essential.

There are several ways to make that distraction-free goal a reality, and the method you choose will depend on the nature of your household and what you are willing to give up in the name of relaxation. If moving the television to another room is not an option, you can hide it in a closed entertainment center when it is not in use. If you cannot bear to be without your smartphone, placing it in silent mode before you go to bed can be a workable comprise.

Failure to get enough sleep can have implications for every part of your life, from how well you do your job to how effectively you manage your relationships and parent your children. If your sleep is less sound than it should be, the simple changes outlined above could help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.