You might be renting your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in a space you don’t love.

While permanent changes are out of the question in a rental, there are plenty of ways to make a place your own. With some easy fixes, you’ll be able to transform your apartment to reflect your style and taste in no time.

So let’s get to it–here are 6 ways to personalize your rental apartment without sacrificing your security deposit.

1) Use decorative rugs on the floor

If the floors in your rental apartment have seen better days, you can vastly improve the look of your floors with some decorative rugs.

Your living room and bedroom will probably each be good candidates for a large area rug–make sure to measure your rooms before you go shopping, so you can pick the perfect size for your space.

For smaller spaces (like a hallway), seek out some small decorative rugs in whatever style strikes your fancy.

Rugs also offer another benefit to your apartment: they help protect your rented floors from getting damaged! This will be a lifesaver when it’s time to move out one day and you want to get your security deposit back.

2) Add plants

Indoor plants can help add a lively feel to a lackluster living space.

There is a mind-boggling array of indoor plants to choose from; to help narrow down your choices, you’ll want to examine how much sunlight your apartment gets.

If you have a sun-filled apartment, you’ll be able to choose from a ton of different plants; on the other hand, low-light apartments will better suit plants that thrive in shaded conditions. Take a bit of time to research what plants will do best in your space, and start getting some lush greenery into your rental!

For even more style and personality, choose plant pots and plant stands that you absolutely love. You’ll want to make sure you keep your plants off any fixed surfaces in your apartment (like the floors or built-in shelving) to avoid causing water damage.

3) Change out the light fixtures

If your apartment has boring or ugly light fixtures, there’s no need to worry–these are some of the easiest things to swap out for something that better suits your style!

Pick out light fixtures you love–you don’t need to spend a lot on these, as there are bargains to be found at places like Ikea, Target, and even thrift stores.

When you swap out your apartment’s light fixtures, remember to carefully pack away the old ones and keep them tucked away; that way, when you move out, you can simply put them back in place and your landlord will be none the wiser.

4) Switch up the wall colors and add wood wall art

This tip may require you to get landlord approval, but if you absolutely hate the wall colors in your apartment, there should be no reason why you can’t paint them!

If you simply can’t stand the bright green walls in your kitchen or cherry red bedroom paint, try painting over them in a color you love. It’s a cheap and easy fix for truly transforming a space into something that reflects your own style.

Note that your landlord may require you to paint the walls back to their original color before you move out–so again, you should probably check with your landlord before getting out the paintbrush.

In addition, you should look into hanging wood wall art and even removable wallpaper for any walls you’d like to change up. Just make sure to read reviews on any removable wallpaper you’re considering to ensure it won’t leave behind a residue when you eventually take it down.

5) Cover your kitchen countertops

If you’re not a fan of your kitchen countertops, there are a couple of handy fixes that can remedy this.

One option is to purchase contact paper that’s specifically made for kitchen countertops. You can find this product in a variety of colors and textures, including faux marble, granite, and wood grain contact paper.

As with removable wallpaper, take care when choosing this product, and make sure to research it and read up on reviews before you apply it to your counters. As you’re eventually going to have to remove the contact paper when you move out one day, you’ll want to avoid any contact paper that leaves behind a sticky residue.

If contact paper seems like too much work, another easy fix is to purchase a beautiful wooden cutting board to simply set on top of your countertop. Bonus points for this option: you’ll be able to easily take the cutting board with you if you eventually move out of your rental.

6) Decorate with mirrors

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but adding mirrors to your apartment can make it feel much more bright and spacious.

Because mirrors reflect light, they instantly create a feeling of more room in your space. This can be ultra-helpful if you live in a tiny apartment but want it to feel roomier.

If you aren’t allowed to hang anything on your walls, consider purchasing a decorative floor-length mirror to prop against a wall, or buy a free-standing mirror to set on the floor.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money (or putting your security deposit on the line) to make some simple changes to your rental apartment. With a few easy fixes, it’ll soon feel like your own personal space–and a place you’ll be proud to call home.