Want to perk up the walls of your home, but your budget won’t allow it? Fret not. You can spruce up your walls without buying a Picasso. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can decorate with art on a budget. You just need a pinch of inspiration and a dash of creativity.

Flaunt Those Fabrics

Stop thinking exclusively of paintings. Walls are for other things too. Got an interesting tapestry? Put it on there. Feeling patriotic? Hang a bunch of flags. Want that personal touch? Flaunt a quilt or a rug you made yourself. You can lay a boldly patterned towel or table runner onto a blank canvas, or you can sew together discarded cloth pieces to create abstract art. You don’t have to buy anything, but you could set aside a small amount for a trip to a textile shop or an art supply store.

Fabrics are relatively inexpensive. You probably have them in your home already. You can regard them as accent pieces, or you can use them as the focal point of a room. Choose eye-catching patterns, colors, or textures that go well with your furniture.

Embrace the Shelf Life

Another option is to put ornaments and other objects on the wall. Display old souvenir pieces to tell a story. Bunch up unique flea market buys to flaunt your finds. It can be as simple as lining up a few books beside a trio of curios, or you can challenge your inner designer by arranging assorted items on various shelves.

You can score shelves for cheap, new or otherwise, or you can go the DIY route with scrap wood and other recycled materials. Your shelf unit can be the centerpiece of the room, filling a corner or a whole wall section, or it can be a functional platform serving as a decorative anchor.

Finish With Wall Art Prints

Wow your guests while personalizing your space by putting up art prints. Bring out your old photo albums. Print your digital snaps. Showcase your life, your travels, your moments, or focus on your unique eye for photography. Play with sizes, colors, and themes.

Fill the shoes of a museum curator for a moment and arrange your photos accordingly. Create your own personal gallery. Hang black-and-white shots for that classic look, or make a color-splashed collage using your favorites. Use square frames to evoke subtlety and balance, or use quirky frames to show your adventurous side.

Spell It Out

A picture may paint a thousand words, but sometimes spelling it out does the job. So put it in writing. Think of a word or a phrase that best encapsulates your outlook, personality, or philosophy, then commit your choice to a medium that you can hang. Use a piece of wood for rustic appeal, or print instead of paint to get a more modern look. You can even skip the words and instead go with random letters and symbols to make a different kind of statement.

Reading upbeat, inspiring, or motivating words will improve your mood and straighten your mindset while bringing positivity to your day. Just don’t go overboard. You don’t want your home to look like a classroom. Stick to a word or a short quote and let your walls do the talking.

Go the Paper Route

Add some character to your space by using wallpapers. You can go floral, abstract, or geometric depending on your taste and the requirements of the room. You can get a textured print. You can get one that shimmers under the light. Choose a bold pattern to create drama, or select neutral tones to evoke elegance and sophistication.

You don’t have to wallpaper your entire house. Maybe cover your entryway, or dress the space behind your bed’s headboard. For visual impact or to tie a room together, wallpaper a focal wall. Just remember to choose a complementing print. You want your wallpaper to go with everything that’s already in the room.

Look Beyond Pictures

Pictures and photographs are not the only things you can hang on a wall. Got an extra mirror? Put it up to broaden your space. Passionate about the environment? Bring in some wall-mounted planters. Need your decor to be functional too? Put up a chalkboard or use your wall as a bike rack. Want your home to have that Old World feel? Take out your fine china and display it using wire hangers.

Maps, hats, baskets, antique odds and ends–if it looks good, hang it. Take items off the floor, borrow from your cupboard or even your closet. Just don’t forget to keep to an underlying theme or style when showcasing a piece or two.

Walls Are for Other Things Too

When decorating your walls on a budget, consider other items too. Work with what you have already. What you lack you can source somewhere for cheap or even free. Take advantage of sites that offer art and photographs at no cost. Frequent online communities that facilitate furniture and household goods exchanges. Visit thrift shops and flea markets. You have plenty of options. You just have to bring in the style.