Styling your home is a task that can involve hundreds of important decisions. When you have to think about your wallpapers, art, paint color, furniture, and essential accessories, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s why many people opt to hire an interior designer. But what if you’re facing budget constraints? Some insider tips can make your home beautiful even without hiring a professional designer.

Follow the three-display rule

As with other fields, the rule of three is very helpful when it comes to design. Displaying in threes will be more visually appealing since it will make any decoration appear more balanced, especially when the materials, size, and height are not the same. If you are intimidated by this tip, you can start small by applying the concept to a little table. When you feel more confident in your sense of style, you can start doing it in other parts of your home. Just make sure not to overdo it.

Style your bookshelf

If you love collecting books, you probably have a bookshelf somewhere in your home. Bookshelves are notorious for looking boring. To remedy this, try switching things up by alternating the placements of books between horizontal and vertical piles. Having horizontal piles of books will give your eyes a break from the vertical lines and add more visual value to your home. If you have small vacant spaces on your shelf, add small succulents or brass decorations. It is recommended to stay away from anything too heavy on the eye.

On a similar note, always keep books on your coffee table. Books will instantly add style to your living area, and it’s great if you want to entertain your guests. Make sure to include various genres to please everyone.

Clean away the dust

Even if your home has amazing style, visitors won’t be impressed if there is dust around. Unfortunately, dust always finds its way into your home no matter how many times you clean it. As a general rule, examine the surfaces in your home that are near your windows and wipe them more often than usual. This way, you won’t get alarmed when your friends stop by for a visit. Keep cleaning supplies such as wet wipes near these surfaces at all times.

Have fresh flowers around

When you stop by your local market, buy mismatched cheap flowers and put them in a vase somewhere in your home. It doesn’t have to be on your center table. Placing it in the corner of your room would still be great. This will give your home a more casual look, and having it in a random spot will make it seem like this is something you do for yourself and not to impress others.

Don’t forget about your front door

When someone visits your home, they will make a first impression the moment they see your door. Even if you live in an apartment building, you should treat your door as part of the house. If you can’t paint your door, you can hang some decorations on it. Updating your number sign to a chic one can also help. Other than that, you can get some plants to spruce up the area.

Think about your soap bottles

Next time you splurge on an expensive bottle of hand wash, do not get rid of the bottle. You can use this as a refill container for cheaper soaps. To get rid of the label, simply soak it in warm water and brush it with soap. Transparent and black bottles look very chic in your bathroom or kitchen sink. If you want to take the extra mile, add a fancy bottle of lotion on each sink so you can moisturize your hands after doing the dishes.

Always keep white towels in your bathroom

While it doesn’t always have to be white and it comes down as a matter of personal choice, having plain light-colored towels in your bathroom will give guests and even yourself the idea of cleanliness and freshness. It also adds to your hospitality.

Have placemats ready even when you’re not eating

Although this tip may sound ridiculous, having placemats on your table will give the impression of tidiness in your home, especially if you have kids running around. Not only that, but placements are an amazing way to add color to a place. You can even make personalized placemats through repurposed fabrics.

Styling Your Home Should Not Feel Like a Task

The most beautiful and stylish homes never look perfect, but they always have a lot of character and style. The best and most foolproof way to make your home look good is to design it based on what you like. If you do this, your home will be a haven where you can relax and be comfortable.