Did you know plants double as green interior design elements? They add color, dimension and personality to your space beyond inherent beauty. Here are a few plants to add to your own interiors for dimension, interest and charm.

  1. Baby Step Succulents

If you aren’t sure about how to feel about plant design, starting small might put you at ease. Succulents are generally small enough to put on any desk or coffee table without making a fuss. They’re easy on the eyes and simple to maintain. Unlike other varieties, succulents are used to dry environments and often go weeks between watering.

  1. Statement Peace Lilies

The peace lily is a strong contender for bolder interiors or larger spaces. Thanks to their white blooms and large leaves, they’re something of a statement piece perfect for the style-conscious. You’re likely to find these beauties in homes and offices because of their propensity to survive in low to moderate lighting. What’s not to love about this domestic diva?

  1. Sleek Snake Plants

Anyone who’s been on Instagram in the past year has likely come across a few of these guys. Visually speaking, picture the love child of a vegan and makeup designer for a perfectly designer plant. Between their rebelliously errant leaves or delicate color contrasts, their edgy, nuanced flair defines urban chic at its finest. Use them to play up verticality or spice up a space.

  1. Delicate Droplets

If you’re interested in a plant which offers subtle sophistication, the maidenhair fern is likely your best bet. This plant presents a sprinkling of small leaves for intricate, playful beauty. (Have you seen it in the light?) Its tiny green leaves are especially pretty against a solid backdrop or in an otherwise minimalist setting. Enjoy this humble brag of plants without trying too hard.

  1. Lovely Yucca

Sometimes more is more. In case of the yucca plant, more is a mood all its own. This plant is commonly sold as a tree for offices or home design. Its spikey leaves, vertical profile and color spectrum appeal to a conventional yet contemporary crowd. Give it a corner all its own complete with indirect light. Embrace this gentle giant of the plant world for a warm and welcoming vibe.

  1. Pencil Cactus Madness

Do you ever wonder whether your doodles might look like real plants? In this case, they probably would. Pencil cactus is a type of cactus that unsurprisingly resembles the shape of a pencil. No plot twist there. Actually, they kind of look like if broccoli and pencils decided to team up for a tangle of straight lines and baby pencil florets. They’re a sight to behold no matter what you make of the lines. These little guys are perfect for cute little spaces; just go easy on the water.

  1. Planta Deliciosa

The Monstera deliciosa, more affectionately termed the Swiss cheese plant, is chock full of holes. Not unlike the pencil cactus, this plant’s shape is so iconic you’ll find yourself in awe of its artistic look. Continue to admire its visually intricacy in terms of positive and negative space. If formal is what you’re after, this isn’t the guy for you. M. deliciosa’s large leaves and tropical essence are fit for an adventurous aesthetic.

  1. Ponytail Palm

For the quirky among you, a ponytail palm is just what you need! This zany plant isn’t actually a palm though it does look suspiciously like hair of sorts. The wild, puffy poof of infinite strands is less appropriate for official business and more at home where children roam free. These beauties vary in size and would fit in nicely on a kitchen table, front porch or entryway. Be sure to give it bright light whenever possible for the healthiest plant hair around.

Final Thoughts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and designing with plants is no different when it comes to green interior design. Don’t be afraid to play around with different plant colors, shapes and sizes for a design you love the most. Let this list be your guide in pursuit of a plant-centric style all your own.